Each of us, the Founding Members of Wilderness Foundation Global, have produced successful results for wilderness, wildlife, and people for over 40 years. We share a conservation legacy originally initiated by Ian Player and Magqubu Ntombela some 60 years ago in Southern Africa, and are dedicated to: recognizing the practical importance and the spirit of wild nature; protecting wilderness and connecting it to the needs of people; and practicing an ethic of collaboration across all cultures and nations -- and especially cooperation with all other conservation organizations and institutions, businesses, and governments -- in order to stimulate a broader social movement for nature conservation.

With partnerships in every region of the world and emerging programmes based in Asia and Austral-Pacific, the Founding Members of WFG are:

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Wilderness Foundation (Africa) seeks to protect and sustain African wilderness and wild lands through integrated conservation and education programmes.

Wilderness Foundation (United Kingdom) believes in the irreplaceable value, benefits, and beauty of wilderness, and the unique way in which the experience of wilderness can give us a sense of both our origins and our place in modern society.

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The WILD Foundation (Americas) respects and protects wild nature through best-practice action in the field; state-of-the-art media, policy, and science; traditional knowledge; and an ethic of ‘right relationship’ with people between people and nature.


The Wilderness Leadership School was the first non-profit organisation in Africa dedicated to providing a pure wilderness experience for people of all backgrounds, races and nationalities.

A Global Network

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