Wlderness Foundation Global is a not-for-profit, international conservation organization registered in South Africa and based in Cape Town, with branch offices (provided freely by Members) in the UK and the USA. 



Peter Martin

Founding Trustee | WFG

Peter Martin is the former leader of Essex County Council where he was responsible for overall strategic direction, policies and priorities of the Cabinet and Council, including overall revenue and capital budget strategy. Additionally Peter was Cabinet Member for Education and Lifelong Learning. Peter left the council at the May elections in 2013. He served his community as a Councillor for 24 years

Peter has brought his capabilities and broad experience to the Wilderness Foundation UK, joining as a trustee in 2013. He was elected as Chairman in 2014 on the retirement of his predecessor Peter Davidson.

Peter Martin is also a trustee of Stow Maries Great War Aerodrome and The Rural Community Council of Essex.


Todani Moyo

Founding Trustee, Chairman | WFG

Todani is the Chairman and CEO of Yokoyo Investments (Pty) Ltd. He is a professional accountant, with experience as an investment banker in the United States of America and as Chairman and Chief Executive of Msinsi Holdings (Pty) Ltd in South Africa. He sits on many boards in South Africa, bringing expertise in corporate governance and enterprise risk management, and is a Fellow of the Institute of Directors. Besides his family and business interests, Todani is passionate about preserving and conserving the environment for future generations.

Executive Committee


Andrew Muir

Executive Director of Wilderness Foundation Global; CEO of Wilderness Foundation Africa

Andrew and his team have been nationally and internationally recognised for their success in integrating conservation programmes with social and development interventions. The programmes, among others, he has initiated in South Africa at critical points in its history include cross-cultural interaction trails, political opinion leader trails, Pride and Imbewu projects, the Umzi Wethu Youth Academy and the development of the Baviaanskloof Conservation Area as a World Heritage Site. In 2008 he won the International Rolex Award for Enterprise and in 2012 he won the Schwab Social Entrepreneur Award linked to the World Economic Forum. Andrew was mentored by conservation icons Ian Player and Magqubu Ntombela extending their legacy in the management of various organisations, including the renowned Wilderness Leadership School. Andrew has a Master’s Degree in Environment and Development and a Honorary Doctorate in Social Science from the University of Kwa Zulu Natal. He serves on a number of non-profit and conservation boards in South Africa and abroad. Andrew enjoys wild landscapes, reading and walking and most importantly quality time with his wife and children who are also engaged in the various causes he supports.


Vance G Martin

President of Wilderness Foundation Global; President of The WILD Foundation (Americas)

Vance began his international conservation work in the mid-1970’s and it escalated when he met Ian Player in 1980, after which time they worked closely together for over 30 years with Vance as President of The WILD Foundation and International Director of the World Wilderness Congress. He has worked on-the-ground in over 60 countries, implemented successful policy, and published many articles and books – all with a focus on positive outcomes for wild nature and people. He has helped initiate numerous successful organizations, is on the board of many of them (and others), and believes keenly that successful nature conservation is as much about human culture and creativity as it is about science, business and policy. Working with indigenous, local and modern communities, and with leaders in politics, business, science, communications, and the arts, Vance is seriously committed to successful collaboration for a wilder world. When not serious, he can handle a fly rod, admires and studies oriental carpets and ancient beads, and/or is with his partner, his two grown children and their partners, and a granddaughter.


Joanne Roberts

Wilderness Foundation Global Executive Committee; CEO of Wilderness Foundation (United Kingdom)

Jo has been the driver of the European foundation for sixteen years and, as a native South African, maintains close personal and professional connections between Africa, Europe, and North America. She has an undergraduate degree in Social Anthropology, a Master’s in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and considerable background and experience in both nature conservation and the social justice agenda in Africa and Europe. Her main interest in life is communicating the vital connections needed between humanity and nature, and the values that the wilderness experience brings to social and personal change. 

This commitment and expertise led to her founding numerous programmes that utilize best practice from around the world – in wilderness experience and personal therapy – to demonstrate creative solutions for socio-environmental issues. Programmes such as Wild Swans, Turnaround, Out There Academy, Chatham Green Project, and others address youth-at-risk, young women and leadership, reconciliation in Northern Ireland, and more. All her work is focused on protecting and restoring wild nature through protecting and restoring human well-being and leadership. Jo and her husband are based in the lovely countryside of rural Essex, near London, from where they work and also track their two grown children.

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Cherryl Lynn Curry

Wilderness Foundation Global Executive Committee; CEO Wilderness Leadership School (South Africa)

Cherryl has a background in senior business management and marketing in the service and banking sector. She was invited some 16 years ago by Dr Ian Player to join the Wilderness Leadership School in the capacity of Marketing consultant. She went on to serve in numerous roles in marketing, corporate affairs, project management, fundraising and general management until her appointment, in 2016, as CEO. Cherryl’s first immersion into the conservation arena was attending the 8th World Wilderness Congress in Anchorage, Alaska.

She attributes going out on her first wilderness trail in Isimangaliso wilderness area as the turning point in her transformational journey towards conservation and social leadership coupled with osmotic learnings from the legendary wilderness guides and the network alliances surrounding the iconic Wilderness Leadership School.

Cherryl was able to bring her business management approach to realign the core, and critically important, trail activities of the WLS with diverse income streams as well as by increasing the frequency, area diversification and number of wilderness trails while respecting the core principles and philosophies. FGASA Guide training was added to the portfolio as well as vibrant and relevant social and conservation projects.

Core to the sustainability of the WLS are relationships around the globe, engendered by a shared African wilderness trail experience which Cherryl and her core team, continue to cultivate as the legacy left by Ian Player as well as the development of new friends of the planet.

Cherryl is married with one daughter, Stacey, who is firmly committed to conservation and healing ideals. Husband, Bruce, identifies his wilderness trail while still at school as one of his life’s directional experiences. Reading voraciously, some amateur dabbling in writing and gentle yoga provides the balance.

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