About Us

Wilderness Foundation Global (WFG) is a not-for-profit, international conservation organisation with conservation experience and expertise that began in Africa over 60 years ago. WFG Members have offices and daily operations in Africa, Europe and the Americas; extensive global networks and practical international conservation accomplishments through almost 40 years of its World Wilderness Congress; and emerging programmes in Asia and Austral-Pacific.

WFG is the only international conservation organization:

  • born in and operating out of Africa
  • dedicated explicitly to wilderness awareness and protection that integrates spiritual / cultural /experiential values with science, policy, and business; and
  • that has always respected the important and necessary role of indigenous and community peoples in contemporary conservation.

A Global Network

The Wilderness Foundation UK
Trinity House, 2 Whitbreads BC, Chelmsford, Essex
T: +44 207 183 0689   I  Email Us
CEO | Jo Roberts
The WILD Foundation
717 Poplar Avenue, Boulder, CO 80304
T: +1 303 442 8811   I  Email Us
President | Vance Martin
The Wilderness Foundation Africa
11 Newington Str, Richmond Hill, PE
T: +27 41 373 0293   I  Email Us
CEO | Andrew Muir